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IAM is the inverted experience of the self as reflected through the eyes of local and international artists to showcase the various facades of New York City

Our rooms can be described as physical surrealism, showing off the unanticipated and often illogical juxtapositions of the city’s identity. The Inverted Statue of Liberty and mind-bending art exhibitions are waiting to be explored.


Opening date moved to 2023
Soho, New York

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IAM recognizes that each unique piece of art acts as an entryway to the artist’s cultural, political, and social-economical circumstances. Culture and art are created by ordinary people, and their collective experiences shape the perception of the world around them.

Each room acts as a different urban landscape unfolding the various personalities of New York City. From the gritty to the luxurious, the unexpected nature of the inverted rooms can be described as physical surrealism, showing off the unanticipated and often illogical juxtapositions of the city’s identity.


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The fully immersive Inverted Art Museum is located in the heart of New York City and spans 4500 square feet with 12 exhibition rooms.

Exhibition rooms by our collective:
IAM Statue of Liberty
Oversized Kids Bedroom
Authentic New York’s Antique Shop
Plasma Room inspired by Nikola Tesla
Diorama inspired by Stan Lee
LEGO® Bathroom

Exhibition rooms of New York Artists' work:
KAWS (Brian Donnelly) sculpture
Daniel Arsham's sculpture
Danny Cortes sculptures

More to be revealed soon!



This space will be created by local and international artists who express the influence of New York City on their perception of the world in an inverted format. New York City’s art scene is multifaceted, a melting pot of artistic expression that transcends any physical bounds.

Along with personal expression, contemporary art allows the artist to make a commentary on the culture around them. This can include literally or figuratively depicting their views, ranging from politics to pop culture. With imagery, shapes, and other varied mediums, the artist can create a dialogue or narrative of their creations. When one engages with the piece, they engage with the artist’s dialogue.

Daniel Arsham

New York-based artist Daniel Arsham straddles the line between art, architecture, and performance. Raised in Miami, Arsham attended the Cooper Union in New York City where he received the Gelman Trust Fellowship Award in 2003. Architecture is a prevalent subject throughout his work; environments with eroded walls and stairs going nowhere, landscapes where nature overrides structures, and a general sense of playfulness within existing architecture.



(Brian Donnelly)


Kaws' work can be characterized by an emphasis on color and line, distinctive graphics, such as the repeated use of "x"'s on hands and nose and ears, and the appropriation of pop culture icons such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man, the Smurfs, Snoopy, and SpongeBob SquarePants. His characters are generally depicted in a shy and/or powerless pose often with their hands over their nose. In his paintings, Kaws always deconstructs his appropriation of iconic characters into shapes that produce abstract paintings.

As this style of art comments on the current sociopolitical and cultural climate, it also becomes a visual historical record of life. 'IAM' is an authentic record that contains not only facts such as important dates and names but, the feelings that were held by people at the time. There is a reason that art is so often carefully preserved, it gives a unique lens to the past that cannot just be read about in history books. 


Nathan Sawaya



A renowned contemporary artist who uses LEGO® bricks exclusively as an art medium. With full-time working studios in New York and Los Angeles, Nathan has 2.5 million LEGO bricks at his immediate disposal to craft large-scale sculptures for collectors, galleries, and companies. Best known for his exacting and impeccable representation of the human form and his high-profile client list, Nathan was a practicing attorney in Manhattan before leaving the law to follow his artistic passion.

Danny Cortes


Street Miniature Artist from Brooklyn NYC expressing nostalgic memories through his art. Using materials like foam-core, chipboards, and acrylic paint, Cortes makes dioramas, or “miniatures”, of recognizable elements of the New York City streetscape. He’s created replicas of bodegas, stoops, handball courts, and even the beloved Mister Softee truck, all in precise detail.


“If we take time to notice everything around us, we are surrounded by inspiration,” he said.


Artwork will be purchased directly from the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity or contracted installation of custom art elements.

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